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Analysis of the performance and breeding value of horses registered in the Trakehner Association in Poland considering their affiliation to families of mares [autor:Janusz Wejer,data:2009-03-27 15:00:36]
General Assembly [autor:admin,data:2009-02-23 21:11:28]
The board of Polish Trakehner Association invites for a General Meeting that will take place in Starogard Gdański on April 18th 2009, at 10h00.
Mare’s performance test [autor:admin,data:2009-02-23 21:10:54]
Mare’s performance test will take place in Starogard Gdański on April 19th 2009, at 10h00. Names of judges participating in the panel will be announced soon.
List of preferred stallions for breeding season 2009 [autor:admin,data:2009-02-23 21:10:18]
1. Ajbek by Agar
2. Armatic by Gluosnis xx
3. Aztec by Ignam
4. Bossier by Ajbek
5. Burgund AA by Juriste
6. Cedrus by Ogar
7. Czak by Arion
8. Czar by Lwów
9. Czarczaf by Ogar
10. Dar Life by Life and Liberty xx *
11. Dinar by Aragonit
12. Ekkor by Prohvet
13. Emetyt AA by Kwartet
14. Emis by Heleris
15. Galantas by Fordas *
16. Gluosnis xx by Gerodot
17. Harbuz AA by Vis Versa
18. Havbek by Knecht
19. Heleris by Elektronas
20. Heliopolis by Heleris
21. Impuls by Agat
22. Ikar by Lombard xx
23. Jim by Ignam
24. Kaliniec by Ignam
25. Karmel by Cugnot
26. Kleon by Ignam
27. Komfortas by Fordas
28. Lord Oder I by Oder
29. Nabucho du Serein AA by Ryon D`Anzex
30. Napar by Hamlet Go
31. Narion by Arion
32. Paquito Go by Maizauber
33. Portos by Cugnot
34. Saganek AA by Sajan
35. Semper by Arianin
36. Viskis by Losijonas
37. Wezyr by Impuls
38. Winword xx by Neshad

and each stallion listed at Trakehner Verband – Hengstverteilungsplan 2009
* stallion undergoing process of approval for Trakehner Stud Book

Performance tests for riding horses [autor:admin,data:2009-02-10 21:59:38]
             Performance tests for mares and stallions will take place at Stallion Station in Starogard Gdański beginning February 16th, 2009. For more information please contact Przemysław Boleski.
Körung and Trakehner Stallions show [autor:admin,data:2009-02-10 21:59:14]
           One of three most important events organized by Trakehner Verband - Körung and Trakehner Stallions show will take place on February 6th and 7th in Münster-Handorf. Mr. Gerhard Mendel from Połapin, member of the Polish Trakehner Association, will demonstrate his piebald Semper by Arianin. We wish him good luck and look forward to reading reports from that event.
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